Fitness Consultation

I really hate asking people for money, because I don’t like creating barriers to people getting the help they need. So, I don’t “charge” money for consultation. Here’s what I’ll do. I’m a writer. That’s how I afford ramen and rent, and Chipotle on special holidays like Christmas.

So, if you donate any amount — anywhere between $1 and $1,000,000 — I will give you a 30-minute Skype consultation (or phone, or live chat, or email — whatever’s most comfortable for you). If you want more time than that, I’d be happy to talk further. But just donate whatever you wish, and I promise, I’ll give you the same treatment no matter how much money you give. I’m really not in this for the money.

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One thing I ask: Before our meeting, email me at with your answers to these questions. That way, I’ll be able to thoughtfully engage in conversation and we can make the most of our time together. If there are any questions you don’t feel comfortable answering, that’s fine. This sheet just helps me to prepare for our meeting.

So, (1) Give whatever you want, (2) Fill Out This Form, and (3) email your answers me at Let’s strategize about your fitness future!